Design with an eye for detail, perfectly suited for the most divergent living environments. This is the PRUNUS series of luminaires. The PRUNUS A1 pole-top luminaire has a clear light cover and is available with different light distribution options. This street and site lighting is well-suited for business parks, parks, squares, urban and village centres, separate bicycle lanes and residential districts. Because it is possible to precisely determine the light distribution, the PRUNUS provides light where and when it is wanted. The pole-top luminaire is dust-tight, waterproof (IP66) and impact-resistant (IK10). 

In het kort

  • IP66
  • IK 10
  • Easy Light
  • Comfort Control Public Environment
  • CE
Toepassingen Centres, Bi­cycle paths, Resi­den­tial streets, Par­king spaces, Squares
Label Lightronics
Behuizing Aluminium, non-yellowing polyester coating
Kleur RAL 7016
Lichtkap UV-stabilised polycarbonate, clear
Lumenbereik 1600 - 2750
Lichtprofielen Symmetric, Asymmetric, Circular distribution
RA-waarde > 70

Lighting as a marker

Urban and village centres require a unified streetscape. The PRUNUS offers spatial planners, architects and municipalities the possibility of designing the living environment distinctively and stylishly with a single series of luminaires. With 6 models and 19 types, the series offers a wide range of shapes, light distributions and applications. An LED ring in the top cover or a mounted flange makes it possible to install markers in the streetscape and to give the living environment its own identity. The LED ring is available in seven colours.

Flexible in design and function

Design and flexibility are two key factors within the PRUNUS series. For example, the pole-top luminaire A consists of four types with a clear or semi-frosted cover. The design is a determining factor in its application and at the same time the PRUNUS makes it possible to select the right design for any location. The A1 luminaire has a clear light cover made of UV-stabilised polycarbonate.


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